Lin's Touch of Elegance Antiques Gifts and Collectibles

About Lin’s Touch of Elegance

Since 1987, Lin’s has provided expert refinishing, repair and restoration of antique furniture. Lin works with insurance adjusters and individuals to bring back to life furniture that has been damaged by smoke, fire, water or neglect. We can handle all sizes of restoration and repair work from individual pieces to large volume orders for restaurants, schools, convention centers and government agencies.

Lin’s Touch of Elegance is recognized as one of the premiere antique furniture shops on the east coast. Through our shop in historic Bedford, Pennsylvania and this website, we present a large and varied selection of high quality period items.

About Lin

Lin is a vibrant young woman with dynamic energy and enthusiasm that crosses over into her work. Lin has helped hundreds of people with their furniture restoration and home decorating needs. Her quick mind snatches the customer’s idea, making it come alive as she feeds it with her own creative input.

"When customers come in to the shop, I say 'Talk to me.' Do you want to put the piece in a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, or corner of a living room? I need to know desired location, room type, and its function to help me generate the best options for your needs."

- Lin Finnegan